What is Nokdok ?

  • 1) Nokdok is a web and app based platform that enhances the connectivity between Doctors and Patients.
  • 2) For Doctors it is a simple, but powerful tool to efficiently manage their practice
  • 3) For Patients it is a platform that gives control of medical interactions, data and documents.

Who can use Nokdok?

  • 1) Doctors – Click here to sign up and our onboarding team will get in touch with you.
  • 2) Patients – Sign up here to begin the journey towards simplified healthcare.
  • 3) Pharmacies and Diagnostic Centers - Take advantage of Nokdok's growing user base and list yourselves for visibility. Call us NOW!

How safe is my data?

  • 1) Nokdok prides itself in the fact that we uphold and maintain complete privacy and security of information.
  • 2) Doctor and Patient data is held in secure cloud servers.
  • 3) For more information, we request you to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy pages.