Why Nokdok

Increase Follow-Ups

Patient Follow-Ups and Routine visits are completely automated, reducing the time and effort spent.

Be Operationally Efficient

Easily manage your entire patient side of the practice.

Care with a Personal Touch

The Virtual Secretary ensures that every patient receives updates and stays connected to their doctor, without requring effort from the Doctor or their staff.

Why our Doctors love us


Virutal Secretary

The clinic can update the virtual secretary by phone, Whatsapp or Email. Once done, the virtual secretary updates the Doctor's schedule and conducts the patient follow-ups.

Updated Schedule

The Doctor/clinic can view a dynamic and updated daily schedule without having to worry about making follow-up calls.

Access to Patient History

Easy to store, manage and sort patient information and view patient medical data with a click of a button.


The operational assistant every Doctor needs!

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